From red carpets and retail to the silver and small screen

Mary Alice is now bringing her unique talents for visual storytelling, style and fashion to film and television. Her current projects include a high-octane spy series with Director Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day ”); a flea bag sit-com partnered with Shay Mitchell following the misadventures of a professional bridesmaid; and a glamorous, character-driven series set in an elite, Swiss boarding school with producer Michael Sugar in the vein of “Gossip Girl” and “Emily in Paris.” It will be heavy in both globetrotting elements and wish fulfillment with dazzling set pieces.

Mary Alice has regularly appeared as a style expert on TV, including “Good Morning America” and “Today.” She also hosted the syndicated TV show “Ambush Makeover” for Fox and created and hosted “Celebrity Closet Confidential" for the Style Network.

Mary Alice Haney Host Reel

Celebrity Closet Confidential

Stylist Mary Alice Haney gives fashion tips to LeAnn Rimes and helps her create a sophisticated look.

Projects in Development

Le Lycée (coming soon to Netflix)

Produced with Sugar23 and Molly Sims, Le Lycée follows a highly diverse group of college students at an elite European college.


Where Talent Meets TV Meets Products

An unscripted TV show where high power influencer and fashion talent help micro influencers create their hero products.


Society of Spooks

Produced with Antoine Fuqua, Society of Spooks is a serialized spy drama set at the prestigious Yale University in the 1970’s.


The Program

Produced with Stacy Cramer and created by Gina Fattore , The Program follow a dystopian romance where teen suicide has become a sweeping epidemic and The Program is the only solution.


Bridesmaids for Hire

Partnered with Shay Mitchell and co-produced with Stacy Cramer, Bridesmaids for Hire follows Jen, a real life professional bridesmaid who has created a booming business walking down the aisles of complete strangers.